Join Unions, the Washington State Labor Council, Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity, and others in rallying for the privacy rights of public-sector workers. Stand up and speak out against the Freedom Foundation from using the Public Records Act to gain access to the names, birth dates, work emails and locations of all workers in the public retirement system.

Thursday, February 6, 10 AM at the steps of the Capitol

Protect Privacy Rights for Public Workers: Urge the State Legislature to Pass HB 1888 NOW!

House Bill 1888 would update the state’s outdated public disclosure law so that groups
like the Freedom Foundation wouldn’t have access to public employees’ birth dates.
Demand immediate passage of this legislation — and strengthening the bill to include NO disclosure of public employee information. Public oversight of government starts at the top, not through gutting privacy rights of workers and putting them at risk of
management harassment, right-wing attacks, identity theft, stalking, and scams.

Call the WA. State Legislature Hotline at 1-800-562-600