May 26: Eyewitness Report: Yakima’s Fruit Packers on Strike!

OWLS Meeting via Zoom –
Tuesday May 26, 7pm

Amid the current pandemic and economic crisis strikes are breaking out across the country. Workers around the world are fighting back and raising the demand No Safety, No Work! Fruit packers in Eastern Washington are currently leading the battle for safety and respect on the job in the food production industry.

Last week, OWLS member Linda Averill joined the strikers, a racially diverse, majority immigrant workforce that may be poised to win historic gains as they fight for protective equipment and other measures, respect, and unionization against a $2.5 billion dollar industry well-known for its callous disregard of workers’ rights.

Join the OWLS meeting to hear about the strikes and updates on other labor battles, and discuss how we can make gains for all workers during the pandemic.

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