OWLS joins Belshaw strikers on the line in Auburn.

Strikers at Belshaw Brothers on the line in Auburn.

If you’ve ever eaten a donut from Krispy Kreme, Dunkin’ Donuts, Costco, or Walmart, chances are the machinery that made the donut came from Belshaw Brothers. Located in Auburn, Washington Belshaw Adamatic employs 62 members of Machinists Local 79. They have been on strike since March and are fighting for the future of their union.

Belshaw-Adamatic wants huge concessions from its dedicated workforce. Takeaways include $4.65/hour in pensions (the company wants workers to pay this, rather than the company), and higher costs for healthcare. In return, workers will get a 4 percent pay raise over 4years. Long story short, while a 35-year veteran might make around $21 an hour now, they would make only about $15 an hour if Belshaw gets its concessions. Another big issue is outsourcing of work.

In its latest unionbusting move, the company is saying it wants to permanently replace about half the workforce with strike-breakers it has brought in. The good news is that the majority of strikers are standing their ground. Their slogan is “62 out, 62 in.” Right on!

Join their picket line Monday through Friday. And on Tuesday, June 18, Machinists Local 79 will host a solidarity rally and barbecue at the strike line from 9am-4pm. The rally is at the strike line at the Belshaw Brothers factory, 814 44th St., NW, Auburn, WA.

Let’s send a message to the bosses that donuts and union busting don’t mix!