MLK Labor Backs Root Out Racism campaign!

OWLS Meeting — Tuesday, Oct. 26, 6:30pm

Featured reports:
MLK Labor backs Root Out Racism campaign!
On Oct. 20th MLK Labor overwhelmingly passed a resolution establishing an Organizing Committee to push King County to develop a cohesive system to respond to racism on the job and to establish an independent office to provide response and restitution to employees who have filed complaints of racism without satisfactory resolution.
Thank you to all the unions and other endorsers who have backed OWLS’ campaign to “Root Out Racism at King County and Beyond” and the workers who have stepped forward to expose bigotry at county worksites.
OWLS will debrief and brainstorm plans for how to make the Organizing Committee a real force for change.

Know your rights under new state COVID law
What happens if you are exposed to COVID-19 on the job? Are employers required to inform you of possible contamination? Come learn your rights under our state’s new law, which was passed last Spring in response to thee pandemic. Shop steward and transit mechanic Adam Arriaga reports on his research into this piece of legislation that offers protections that many workers are unaware of.

Carpenter picket lines that OWLS members joined in solidarity over the last month are part of a strike wave sweeping the country in what has been dubbed #Striketober. Share your experiences from the carpenter’s strike and learn more about work stoppages across the nation.

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