October 20: MLK Labor Meeting to Revisit Resolution to Root Out Racism at King County!

At last month’s meeting of Martin Luther King Labor, parliamentary maneuvers by some Council leaders led to the undemocratic suppression of a resolution to Root Out Racism at King County and Beyond, brought by two affiliate unions, Washington Federation of State Employees Locals 304 and 1488. The resolution called for MLK Labor to endorse the OWLS campaign “and champion the efforts of King County and Seattle workers facing discrimination to get a hearing at County and Seattle council meetings on the need to implement these demands.”

Despite efforts to squash debate in the meeting, campaign supporters made their voices heard loud and clear! Powerful letters of support and personal testimony explained why MLK Labor e-board officers should support the demands raised in the campaign. And during the meeting signs to Root Out Racism blared silent support in the zoom room as numerous delegates fought for the floor to demand the resolution be given a hearing and vote. It was a powerful illustration of what grassroots pressure can do!

Indeed, along with the numerous unions, community groups, and individual endorsers, the campaign’s backing has convinced MLK Labor leaders to create an alternative resolution to the one brought by WFSE 304 and 1488. But will it hold County officials accountable? Or demand immediate action? Will it include the concrete demands that County workers and OWLS developed over 19 months of protest?

Keeping the heat on is what will win the strongest possible resolution. In October, the delegate body of MLK Labor will meet again. Let’s urge them to truly support County workers by endorsing the campaign to Root Out Racism at King County and Beyond!

The meeting is on Zoom on Wednesday, October 20th at 6:00 PM. Please click here to register to attend as a guest.

Since guests are not usually permitted to speak, please click the “Let’s Root Out Racism NOW!” sign above to download a printable copy to hold up at the meeting to show support. Let’s help County workers marshal the full force of MLK Labor behind them in demanding justice and action from elected officials to Root Out Racism at King County and Beyond!