STOP the Freedom Foundation — Defend workers’ privacy rights

Fill the courtroom on July 29!

Support the motion, brought by several unions, for an injunction to block the Freedom Foundation’s demand for the name, birthdate and contact information of every union represented state employee.
Fri., July 29, 1:30pm, Thurston County House, Superior Court
2000 Lakeridge Drive SW, Olympia WA
Carpool from Seattle: Meet 10:30 am at Seattle Labor Temple, 1st and Broad
This court hearing will decide if the State of Washington must turn over union members’ private information to the ultra rightwing Freedom Foundation’s (FF).

The Foundation is bankrolled by big business associations. Its goals include pushing racist, union-busting “Right-to-Work” laws, and slashing public services. They use mailings, phone calls,  home visits, and TV ads to convince workers to dump their unions and “opt-out” of paying dues, bankrupting  the labor movement – our front line defender of public services and working people. Don’t let it happen!

Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity (OWLS) is carpooling to the hearing. Join the caravan! Wear union colors or a red T-shirt! For carpool info, call 206-261-1420.

Sponsored by Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity

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