Familias Unidas por la Justicia — On the March!

July 11Farm workers at Sakuma Brothers Berry Farms in Skagit Valley are marking the one-year anniversary of their formation as a worker-led, independent union. In that time, they have won several crucial victories. Sakuma Brothers CEO’s were forced to back off plans to hire “guest workers” as a means to illegally replace the 400-plus union members. A Skagit County Judge awarded $850,000 to the workers as a result of retaliation they had suffered — all of it illegal on the part of Sakuma in response to strikes held by Familias Unidas last year to win better wages and conditions. And in late June, a judge ruled that Sakuma Brothers can’t dump family housing they have long provided, in favor of sex-segregated housing that is designed to keep union members and their families out. Also, Sakuma can’t refuse to rehire those workers who were active in union organizing last year. Now Familias is fighting for a first union contract. Be part of this historic labor organizing. If you aren’t already on the OWLS email list for updates, just write to Owls@riseup.net — and see you Friday, July 11!

Gather at Burlington, WA, Cook Road Exit 232 at 10am. Head East and look for the banners!

Fighting for Justice at Sakuma Berry Farms

In 2013, Sakuma Brothers Farms was the scene of a historic labor struggle, as farmworkers waged rolling strikes during the berry harvest season to demand better treatment, living conditions and wages. Organized into Familias Unidas por la Justicia (Families United for Justice), an independent union, many of the leaders and members have worked at Sakuma Farms for more than a decade.

Now Sakuma Brothers is trying to retaliate against farmworkers as the new berry season begins. Farm worker leaders will be speaking at the June OWLS meeting (see events) about their boycott against Sakuma, and efforts to win a first contract. Visit boycottsakumaberries.com for info on the boycott! And don’t eat Sakuma Berries until justice is won!