Railroad Workers: Still Fighting for Safety and “the Right to Live”

OWLS Meeting: Tuesday, March 28, 6:30pm

In February, a Norfolk Southern “bomb train” derailed and devastated East Palestine, Ohio. On March 16, a derailment here in Washington spilled an estimated 3,000 gallons of diesel fuel on the Swinomish tribal reservation near Anacortes.
Railroad workers have been raising alarm bells over safety issues across their industry. However, Congress and President Biden ignored their concerns, breaking their impending strike and ramming through a tentative contract agreement opposed by a majority of the unionized workforce. OWLS hears from unionists in the industry about latest developments, including from Railroad Workers United which is calling for public ownership of railroads. Join discussion on how labor can help.

Strike Waves Rock Europe
In France, England and Greece, and other corners of the globe, workers are mobilizing in massive numbers to demand better pay, rail safety, the right to retire, and more! OWLS reports on some of the largest, most recent work stoppages.

Labor Battles Around the Northwest
Bring news of your struggles and organizing where you work and hear what other workers are doing to assert their rights on the job. Everyone is welcome!

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